Want to ace your next interview? Do some mock interviews.  

 “I can teach you every insider secret about who gets hired - and why. That will be good, but you'll never remember it all when it really matters: in the middle of a high-pressure job interview. On the other hand, if you practice well before you go in, you'll sail through your next interview with a smile … and be the one that gets the job. This packet will show you how.” - Catherine Byers Breet

I’ve interviewed thousands of people over the years. Time and time again, I sat on the hiring side of the desk and watched great candidates choke (literally and figuratively) over interview questions they weren’t expecting. The thing is, I was NOT trying to “stump” those candidates. After all, I had selected those folks over dozens of others and invited them in for an interview. But, I had to do my job. And “doing my job” meant making sure they were a good fit … and asking some tough questions. Some candidates were ready for me, and handled the challenging ones with ease. But far too many came in just crossing their fingers … hoping things went well. That, I’m afraid, is a recipe for disaster. There IS a better way! Practice answering those scary questions BEFORE your next interview, then watch the job offers roll right in. 

Download the attached "Mock Interview Kit" to learn how.