Want to get a competitive advantage? Ask some of these questions every time you talk to a recruiter.

By now, you know why it's important to understand what type of recruiter you're dealing with, as well as what their relationship is with the hiring manager. In fact, your chances of getting hired can vary dramatically depending on the type of recruiter, the sales person for the job (if it is an agency), the employer, and the hiring manager. Many variables are out of your control ... but there are a lot of things you can control, and asking smart questions is one of them. 

The 20 attached questions will help you figure all that out ... while maintaining a professional, friendly relationship with the recruiter. I'm afraid some candidates get frustrated with recruiters and let that frustration turn into anger and rude behavior. Don't do it. It will only serve to get you dumped from the process. Instead, take a deep breath, smile and ask some of the questions in the attached document called "Work smart with recruiters." Remember that each recruiter you meet might have your dream job sitting in the palm of his or her hand, so treat each conversation with the same level of respect and focus.

A few things to remember:

  1. Every conversation with a recruiter (no matter how formal or informal) is an interview.
  2. Asking smart questions will give you a ton of control over how your interview process goes.
  3. Asking smart questions will make you a much more attractive candidate!

Download + print the document "20 Smart Questions."

Carry it with you in your job hunt organizer, and you will see how much easier and better every conversation with a recruiter is for you.