In a recent survey, we asked recruiters one thing: “What does a candidate need to do to stand out from the herd, and make it to the top of your pile?"

These are the top 9 things they said:

  1. Be positive and enthusiastic (recruiters respond just as you do to positive people)
  2. Know what you want, clearly and concisely
  3. Know what you’ve got to offer, for the job at hand (keep it simple)
  4. Be responsive (the early bird really does get the worm!)
  5. Be professional (keep negative comments about previous employers quiet)
  6. Be honest (do not ever stretch the truth)
  7. Be coachable (recruiters can offer excellent advice, so be open to it)
  8. Be brief. Oh, boy oh boy oh boy … please be brief!
  9. Know where you have applied (which companies, and how)

If you follow these suggestions, you will be a pleasure to work with. In return, so will the recruiters! 

Even though they get paid to fill positions for hiring managers, that doesn't mean they don't care about helping you get what you want as well. They do! In fact, if they don't pay attention to your side of things, guess what you will do? You'll walk away! They know that. However, if you realize that they are communicating with dozens of candidates on a daily basis, it will serve you well to do some thing to stand out from the herd. 

Want a deeper dive on each of these issues?

Check out the extended version called "9 Things every recruiters wants from you."