Follow these steps and your profile will sing.

Get behind the wheel of your own success! When you harness the power of LinkedIn to build and nurture your network, you will easily stay abreast of industry trends, become an industry leader yourself and chart your next move. When it comes to networking, don’t forget: give more to get more! Confused? Need help? Go to LinkedIn “Help Center” or do a web search on the topic.

Before you begin editing your profile ...

  • Adjust your account settings (privacy and communications). Here’s how: Roll over the “mini me” at the top right hand side of your screen. Click the drop-down menu (arrow), then click Settings & Privacy. Walk through step by step (Account – Privacy – Communications). If you need a job and/or are serious about expanding your network, I highly recommend you do two things: make your profile and activities public (under the privacy settings) and turn on all the communications (invitations, messages, notifications, etc.) Otherwise, you will miss all the delicious benefits of the LinkedIn network. Exception: If you have a skittish boss and don’t want to alert him to your activity.
  • Turn off your profile change broadcasts. Here’s how: Under Settings, go to Privacy – Sharing profile edits and change to NO (you do not want to notify your network about profile changes). Unless you turn this off, LinkedIn will notify your network almost every time you make a change to your profile. This is good when you are all done updating, but really annoying if you’re updating bit by bit.
  • Remember: When you’re done editing for the day, turn your “sharing profile edits” button back on. There are many times when you DO want your network to know that you updated your profile (when you add a new skill, add 

And now ... start editing! 

“A great personal brand means that you are incredibly efficient at getting across to your customers who you are and what you stand for.” – Julia Allison