Is your resume working? 3 great tests to help you figure it out.

Test #1 - Are you getting interviews?

The first test is the best measure of success. If you're submitting resumes and getting interviews right away, that's an excellent sign your resume is working. But ... what if you're not getting interviews? It might be your resume. Please note: it might be other things, too ... but you need to make sure that your resume is not the problem. There are two great ways to find out if your resume is on point, or if it needs some work:

Test #2 - makes it incredibly easy to "test" your resume against a specific job (once you have a job description). If you followed our guide for how to write a fantastic resume, you already have a few job postings in your hip pocket to use. Jobscan is the best tool we've seen for making sure your resume is on point for your target job. Use it every time you are about to tailor your resume for a specific position and watch the interviews start to pour in. It is especially helpful if you choose to battle online applications. The first few scans are free. After that, you will have to pay for it but I have to tell you: it's well worth the money.

Test #3 - - With, you copy and paste your resume into a word cloud. The software turns the most common words into large ones and the words that appear only once or twice into really little words. It's not nearly as scientific as, but it does give you a real sense for what the human eye sees at a glance when people scan your resume for 5-7 seconds.

Bottom line: don't guess as to whether or not your resume is on point. Test it to find out the truth - and what is missing.